Emma Robinson


I thoroughly researched the types of laser treatment available before considering surgery. Following my initial consultation I also looked into the experience of my surgeon which I recommend everyone considering eye surgery does.
I am very pleased with the surgery, I was extremely nervous but the knowledge of general staff put me at ease as well as the detailed discussion with the surgeon beforehand. The laser was applied for 29 seconds in one eye and 34 seconds for the other the total time in the theatre is about 15 minutes whilst they take measurements to track your eye (in case you move) and create the flap, after the laser they smooth the flap and put anti inflammatory and anti biotic drops in – then that’s it your done!

When you leave the treatment room they sit you in a darkened room and go over the aftercare regime again.

The anaesthetic wears off after about 30 mins from when it was put in. When it does wear off it feels like you have been peeling very keen onions and I kept my eyes closed and listened to audiobooks for the rest of the day!

There is always a chance of complications but if you are considering surgery discuss these with your surgeon. You can still change your mind at any point right up until you have the surgery!!
Mr Kazmi listened to my questions and answered with plenty of detail in easily understood terms

I had quite a high prescription beforehand and my measured vision is actually better than before with my glasses, so I am super pleased with the results.

I have a small amount of bruising in my Left eye which is from the clamp, but that is the only thing that is not perfect!!

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