Dr. Jasleen Singh Bhopal


Im a Dentist based in Birmingham and had laser eye surgery to treat early stages of keratoconus and also to reduce my optical prescription.

The surgery was carried out at their Fulham clinic in London, and the aftercare appointments in Solihull, Birmingham.
I found the fact that they have multiple locations throughout England to be of great convenience as it allowed me to continue seeing Dr. Prashant Jindal or one of his colleagues without ever being too far from a clinic, regardless of where I was in the country.

From the initial assessment to the aftercare, I was extremely pleased at how well I was looked after and the standard of professionalism demonstrated by Dr. Jindal and the whole Accuvision team.

I have been contact/spectacle free for 5+ years now and could not have wished for a better result. I have recommended Accuvision to numerous people as well as some of my patients, and will continue to do so!

J S Bhopal

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