Barry Holdsworth


A number of friends had had laser treatment and raved about the results, so I approached Centre for Sight to see if this was the right treatment for me. Unfortunately it was not but I was suitable for intraocular lens treatment. After studying the literature and weighing up the pro and cons I decided to go ahead with Mr Khan as my surgeon. One cannot understate the leap of faith required to have open eye surgery. This is life changing and also frightening so one has to be bold. From the start I knew I was in good hands and everything was very professional. Now the good part - the results have been better than expected and I have better than 20/20 vision. Now, months on I am still surprised just how good my vision is. From the moment I wake up and see the whole room clearly to seeing the sun go down, I can enjoy vision without aids but not just now - for the rest of my life - AMAZING!If you are reading this testimonial and wondering 'should I' the answer is 'YES'.

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