Amit Bodhe


Fantastic service. Booked my free consultation for March 27th and had surgery on April 13th. Kim and Simon at the Wetherby clinic were very professional and courteous. Simon did a thorough examination of my eyes and due to my high prescription ( -6.5 and -6.0 and astigmatism) he decided I should have Wavefront Lasik customised for both eyes. He explained everything very clearly and also answered my questions and completely put me at ease. After the consultation there was no hard sell to book surgery there and then( unlike other competitors) and I decided that Accuvision would perform the surgery. Paid the £500 deposit and booked surgery for April 13th. On the day of the surgery everything went smoothly. Although the procedure itself is a very "weird" experience , I didn't feel any pain or discomfort. It was very similar to a laser light show! After surgery I could see straight away, although it was a little bit blurry. Went back the next day to have my lens bandage removed and my eyes had healed very well. 3 days after surgery I can see very clearly without any pain or discomfort. Accuvision have been superb from start to finish. Highly recommended.

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