Post-Lasik Winter Getaway Guide

Planning a winter trip? If you’ve just had Laser eye surgery be sure you read our getaway guide.

Whether it’s an attempt to see some winter sun or you’re off for a spell on the slopes, it’s always nice to get away from it all in the Christmas holidays.

Winter Getaway with lasik

But if you’ve just had LASIK it is important to take care, for while your eye surgery will mean there will be no more sand scratches on your glasses or hunts for specialist ski goggles, you will need to abide by a few rules to keep your eyes in tip top condition.

So whether it’s to the Alps or the Azores you’re heading, make sure you’ve read our comprehensive guide to holidaying after laser eye surgery.

1. Can I fly after laser eye surgery?

While there shouldn’t be any major problems caused by flying after LASIK, it is always best to wait a couple of days.

The air in aeroplane cabins is much dryer than that on land and it can irritate eyes after surgery.

So when you do fly you should think about using, or increasing your use of, lubricating eye drops.

It is also important not to overstrain your eyes in these conditions, so try and sleep or listen to music rather than reading or watching a film.

Is skiing / mountain climbing a good holiday idea if I’ve just had laser eye surgery?

Winter getaway skiiing

High altitudes can be a problem if you’ve just had surgery as the low oxygen levels can cause your corneas to swell.

It is, therefore, best to wait at least a week after surgery before attempting activities at high altitude and to be on the safe side you should always check with your doctor beforehand.

2. Can I swim after laser eye surgery?

It is suggested patients should not swim for at least ten days after LASIK, though some surgeons recommend two months.

The chlorine in swimming pools or salt in the sea is likely to irritate eyes so you should always wear goggles in the water.

Your eyes are also likely to be more prone to infection from the bacteria found in water.

Can I scuba dive after laser eye surgery?

Winter Getaway with lasik

As with swimming there shouldn’t be complications if you wish to scuba dive or snorkel after LASIK, as long as you wait the significant period recommended by your doctor afterwards.

You may experience drier eyes than you did before, but this should be easily rectified with eye drops.

3. Are there holiday activities I shouldn’t do after laser eye surgery?

It is important you don’t receive any blows to the eye in the week after LASIK so you must avoid any sports where this could happen.

It is recommended you don’t partake in any watersports, including sailing, or other recreational sports such as tennis.

It is also important to wear eye protection when playing sports for the first month after laser eye surgery.

4. Can I drink alcohol after laser eye surgery?

You can start drinking again the day after LASIK, however, it is important to refrain from drinking alcohol on the day of your surgery.

5. Is sunbathing safe after laser eye surgery?

No matter where you are your eyes are going to me much more sensitive to the sun after LASIK so it is imperative you protect your eyes at all times.

This is especially important if you are taking a trip involving snowsports as the sun’s reflection from the snow can be even more severe than that on a beach holiday.

Your sunglasses must have a decent UV protection level as if you are not sufficiently careful the sun’s rays can actually reverse the effects of laser eye surgery and lead to hazy vision and cause damage to your retina(s).

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