Lasik and Me: Jonathan Bennet

When it comes to getting Lasik, it’s not just those who work on a computer all day that can benefit

Jonathan Bennet has an extremely active lifestyle, with a high intensity exercise plan that just didn’t mix well with wearing glasses. Due to allergies and astigmatism he was unable to wear contacts and his eyesight was extremely poor. He tells us without his glasses, previous to Lasik he couldn’t even read the largest letters at the top of the eye chart. Racketball and running, tennis and basketball were all sports Jonathan loved, but struggled to cope with when wearing glasses.


He tells us:

“I either had to wear glasses, put up with eye discomfort, or be nearly blind. None was a great choice. I had many instances of broken glasses and even more times when I lost games because I couldn’t see well enough to put the ball where it needed to be!”

The anxiety Jonathan felt when playing sports in glasses dampened his enthusiasm for the games, and his enjoyment of extreme obstacle courses such as ToughMudder was also affected.  It also affected his social life. Although Jonathan runs his own successful business helping others develop social relationships, he struggled to feel confident in his glasses, and longed for a way he could enjoy his active lifestyle and become more socially confident.

Tough mudder

“It definitely affected my self-esteem at times. People can look good in glasses, but they’re not really the norm for top physical attractiveness.”

Jonathan began to consider Lasik when his mother decided to get the surgery done, and this made him realise he had options. He began to do his own research and found Lasik was an option for him to be able to enjoy his usual contact sports with less stress. He said:

“I began to read up about Lasik on the Internet and visited with the doctors at the Emory Eye Center. My main concern was with safety and if my vision would be improved. I also spent a lot on glasses over the years and considered Lasik a good investment long term.”

When Jonathan decided to go ahead with Lasik, he visited the Emory Eye Center for treatment, which he recalls as being fairly straightforward.

“I didn’t have any problems. The prep didn’t take long and I was only under the laser for what seemed like a few seconds. I remember a slight pain on the eye and a moderate burning smell. That wasn’t terribly pleasant but it was over quickly. It took me about a day to recover and I didn’t have any major issues. For a few weeks I experienced “starbursts” and “halos” around lights, but these moderated.”

The treatment resulted in Jonathan’s eyesight settling at about 20/12.

“It was awesome,” he recalls.

Since having Lasik, Jonathan’s lifestyle has improved in many ways. He tells us he has managed to get into the best shape of his life, competing in Tough Mudder extreme obstacle courses and contact sports without the worry of injuring himself or breaking glasses, and has even discovered the confidence boost he needed to be able to make business presentations to hundreds of people.

“Not only that”, he says, “but I can see everyone clearly, even in the back!”

When we ask Jonathan what the most important improvement has been, he thinks for a moment, then tells us:

“I just think it’s become a part of who I am. I often notice the little things more, though. Seeing Christmas lights clearly, enjoying beautiful scenes on a hike without sweat dripping down my lenses, having my daughter be able to jump on me without worrying about breaking glasses. These are all priceless.”

He then adds,“Lasik is probably one of the best decisions and investments I’ve ever made.”


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