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The Windsor Eye Clinic Vision Correction Service is different from high street laser providers.

We are able to undertake all types of correction for all types of prescription, from the simplest to the most complex and for all types of visual needs.

To get the best result you must choose the most suitable procedure for your eyes and for your needs.

All eyes are different. All people are different . This is why we offer lasik, lasek, wavefront , phakic lens implants, clear lens extraction, prelex , multifocal and focusing lens implants to enable us to help you have the best procedure for your needs and which suits your eyes.

Our Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon has undertaken thousands of vision correction procedures over almost 15 years and will only operate if he feels that this is the right choice for you.

Our results are outstanding. Our complication rates are very very low. We will work hard to get you the best possible outcome and if, by chance, there is a problem we will look after you. We have the experience, knowledge, technology and infrastructure to do this.

We offer outstanding personalised service and personalised correction with technology and faciltities sceond to none but our prices are as competitive as any on the market with the simplest laser treatment from £1295 per eye to the most complex combined lens and laser procedures at £3000 per eye.

The Windsor Eye Clinic Vision Correction Service offers personal attention from your consultant, choice of procedures, the latest technology, continuity of care and affordable pricing.

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