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All round excellent service from all concerned, from pre surgery, on the day and after care. Complete confidence in Surgeon, his knowledge, expertise and ability was next to none. Gave good precise after care advice. Would h ... Read more

Grange Eye Consultants have sites in Hampshire and Somerset and offer a range of refractive services , not just LASIK. All steps of the care from the initial assessment and counseling, the surgery itself and all follow-up consultations are with the Consultant Surgeon himself. The surgeons are Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons with the NHS as well as running their independent refractive practice. The treatment is performed at a Nuffield Hospital with full nursing and medical support. Pricing is comprehensive so there are no hidden extras. Refractive Lens Surgery is also offered including PRELEX.

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10 Dec 2015

All round excellent service from all concerned, from pre surgery, on the day and after care.

Complete confidence in Surgeon, his knowledge, expertise and ability was next to none. Gave good precise after care advice.

Would have no hesitation in recommending someone to Grange.

09 Dec 2015

I was amazed

I had LASIK with wavefront 4 weeks ago with grange eye consultants in Oxford. My surgeon, Paul Rosen has been brilliant and all the nurses, receptionists etc. have been excellent too. I was approximately - 7 in both eyes and I achieved 20/20 vision by the next morning. I couldn't be more pleased with the whole process. It has been extremely professional, reassuring and high quality. I would highly recommend using grange eye consultants where you see the same consultant the whole way through and have surgery in a proper hospital (I had consultations and aftercare at manor hospital and surgery and the John Radcliffe).

16 Nov 2010

I had Lasik at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford with Mr Rosen yesterday. The procedure was very straightforward and not at all uncomfortable, the 'fear of the unknown' was the worst thing. My vision afterwards was blurry and my eyes stung and watered a lot for a couple of hours. I went to bed and woke up this morning with great vision (I had a check-up today and it's 6/6, it was previously -6.50 and -6.75) and my eyes feel 'normal'. The staff were all very good, although some things weren't always made clear (I still don't know if they opted to use Wavefront or not, for example!) I'm very pleased with the outcome and I'm sure my life will change for the better as a result.

15 Nov 2009

In an area where you get what you pay for, Grange Eye Consultants is reassuringly expensive. The entire service, from my initial enquiry to my final post surgery consultation, was first rate. I had total confidence in the surgeon, Mr Rob Morris, and cannot recommend him, or Grange Eye Consultants, highly enough. I'm delighted with the outcome.

12 May 2009

The best decision of my life, I had spent 35 years wearing glasses and contact lenses and would recommend David Anderson to anyone who would like to have their eyes done

10 Dec 2008

As a retinal surgeon I need crisp vision in both eyes and wanted a bespoke treatment with expertise on hand in case of problems, I knew LASEK involved a longer recovery period. David Anderson was excellent, thorough and precise, I have had an excellent result (6/4 each eye) and my vision continues to improve. I would thoroughly recommend grange eye consultants.

10 Dec 2008

The standard of care, service and professionalism offered by Grange Eye Consultants comes as a pleasant surprise to anyone who has experienced the cheap, borderline-unethical gimmicks of some of the high-street eye-laser chains. Top surgeons (check out David Anderson's CV here: David Anderson Clean & modern facilities, and attentive after-care mean I have no regrets choosing them for what is an expensive but life-changing operation. This is one decision you don't want to make on the basis of price!

18 May 2006

I had my eyes fixed eleven months ago June 05 now from -5.5 & -5.25 to 20/20 in both. Daysight kicked in almost immediately (on the day of the operation infact), night sight took about about 6 months to settle properly, with glare been a problem for the first few months, (found out later that my discarded glasses had anti-glare lenses, which didnt help the situation)! The operation was painless, although slightly uncomfortable, during which I was constantly informed and was assured at every step. Immediatley afterwards Day 0 40% improvement, Day 0 Evening 60%, Day 1 amazing 85%, Day 2, Wow 95%, Day3 +20/20. A very minor discomfort for the first few days and my eyes had good and slighly blurry days whilst settling down but this got less and less until it disappeared in few months, the drops for the first month were a bit of a nusiance. But stay with them thats what gets good long term results. Now Im free from 30 years of glasses. I can see when I open my eyes in the morning, on the beach, when swimming and during watersports and now wear sunglasses. My vision does not mist up when entering from the cold, or whilst keeping warm outside. In short its a life changing confidence enhancing experience. Incidentally my career has also improved from my greater self-esteem. The service and excellence I received from The Grange Clinic and Surgeon Mr David Anderson were unsurpasable. All surgeons at Grange perform the consulation and operation so you have already met previously before the big day. Also recommended are the seminars which are a no nonsense viewpoint of the options available, zero sales pressure, unlike some of the highstreet boys I visited. During the seminar Q&A session I asked why should I go with grange as opposed to a high street option "We are the people who correct the problems caused by some others" was the no-nonsense reply, enough said I guess, it convined me. I totally recommend Grange Eye Clinic and Mr David Anderson, do not hesitate to go with them or just speak with them or Kay Parish Grange administrator helpfullness herself. The results speak for themselves this procedure improved my quality of life tremendously. Dont hesitate, do it. D.Heape Bournemouth 17/05/06

04 May 2006

Outstanding results beyond my expectations. Although it's early days, after 2 weeks my eyesight is better than it was with contacts. Mr David Anderson was especially frank and patient in answering all of my technical questions. Staff very helpful and venue (Nuffield Hospital) enhances confidence that you're getting the best professional treatment.

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