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I had my surgery done in the Belfast clinic 3 years ago. What a mistake it was . I had the most expensive surgery available at the time with a supposed lifetime guarantee (the clinic were working under Ultralase then which has sin ... Read more

Allclear Clinic is Northern Ireland’s longest established and most experienced refractive clinic. Allclear also offers a premium range of private medical and cosmetic services to enhance your quality of life.
We strive to create the perfect conditions for your treatment by providing a consultant-delivered service with state-of-the-art technology in a friendly, personable environment. Professional care and specialist treatments, delivered in an attractive new clinic building, set the benchmarks for excellence in the field of eye treatments.

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16 Sep 2014

I had my surgery done in the Belfast clinic 3 years ago. What a mistake it was . I had the most expensive surgery available at the time with a supposed lifetime guarantee (the clinic were working under Ultralase then which has since folded). My sight was great at first, but the right eye started to slowly degrade after 6 months. I went back to the clinic and after a check-up I was told I was fine, that the eye was settling down and if it did get worse I could always come back and have the operation repeated under the guarantee. What they failed to notice was that the operation had left me with a low level inflammation in my right eye which over time has caused permanent damage (scar tissue and damaged the muscles that help my cornea to focus). As the guarantee was worthless, I had to revert to the NHS and the problem was eventually diagnosed by a Glaucoma specialist.
After 6 months of treatment it is under control, but the vision in my right eye will never be the same again due to the damage caused by the inflammation – I wake up in the morning with perfect vision in my right eye, which then degrades rapidly and within a few hours the vision in the eye is very blurred. If you do go for the operation, insist of a rigid aftercare program and don’t be fobbed off with excuses if you do have problems or concerns

16 Nov 2011

The Belfast clinic where fantastic in every way and 10 months on I am extremely happy with my treatment. I now have better than 20:20 vision in both eyes. I cant believe money can buy perfect vision and all the benefits that come with it! I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends and family!!

18 Aug 2008

I had my op carried out by Brendan Lacey. This was my second operation in 30 yrs the last was 30yrs ago and it was for tonsils which I don't remember anything about. Bare in mind I have never broken a bone or received a stitch. I must admit I was nervous and leading up to the op I was looking excuses to cancel. What kept me going was I told everyone and I didn't want to feel a woss when I had friends who had this procedure carried out. In picking Allclear/Ultralase I believed I was picking the best. I had been researching this for a number of years. The surgeons in Allclear are eye specialists from the Mater Hospital in Belfast. The process leading up to the Op was excellent. Everything was talked trough. The day of the op I was taken in and had a consultation with Brendan. He explained what would happen and asked if I had any questions. I was given eye drops then taken into their theatre. Now I watch ops on TV so had an idea what one looked like. I seeing this room and the staff it really did put the NHS to shame. Every thing was real hi tech. On lying down a lady placed a pad under my knees to raise my legs. The lady even took hold of my hand during the whole process! I must say by walking into the room I had lost any nerves I had about the op. I looked at it as I'm here now just get over it. Brendan spoke too me and told me everything that was going to happen before he carried it out. What I can remember there was a round plastic thing placed on my eye. Then this device came down to fit into it. This wasn't sore just felt a bit freaky. I made a mistake by saying it felt like a space ship coming to take you away with all the lights. I then realised what I had said and corrected myself by saying 'not that I’ve been in a space ship' Think I gave them all a bit of a laugh! Yet again everything was explained. After the first eye was done the bed moved over to place me under the laser for the next eye. I should say that the eye not being operated on is covered with a guard. This procedure was the first to make the laser cut. There is a countdown from 25 to 0. There is no pain. You would nearly say nothing happened. I was explained that I would be going into a waiting area to allow the bubbles under my cornea to clear. I asked did they want me to open my eyes as it felt nothing had happened. They said I could but I wouldn't see anything, so I opened them! I was like looking through frosted glass! Two ladies led me to a seat. Throughout this wait they kept coming out asking me was I ok, did I need anything and putting the odd drop into my eyes. There was another girl form Ballycastle who was just in front of me. The two of us had a wee chat while we waited. She also said she had felt nothing. Her prescription was -5 and -7 were mine I believe was -1-5 and -1.75 although I had an astigmatism in both eyes. After a short wait I was taken in again. Everything was again explained and again my hand held! This time a surgical protective sheet was placed over my face that stuck my eyelashes back and kept the area clean. The eye guard again was placed over the eye not operated on. A thin metal clip was then used to keep the eye open. You think to yourself how can you blink! The guarded eye does all the blinking you even think the eye that is held open is blinking. I thought to myself hope this doesn’t affect the procedure. Again everything is explained what will happen. I thin metal object was placed under the cornea and worked back and forward. I was told the flap would be then lifted back. There is no pain involved just the thought of what is happening. The laser did three blasts in one eye and on the other two and half. Yes there is a smell of what people say is burning skin. Think it is more the gas from the laser than your eyes. A solution is then put in your eye and the flap replace and smoothed out making sure the solution is pushed out from under your cornea. Once both eyes are done that’s it and no pain. I was again returned to the waiting area for a short time. This time I was able to see. My wife was brought in to wait with me and the eye drops were explained to her as well. Don't worry about remembering its all wrote down and real easy to follow. My eyes were examined by Mr Lacey and again told everything was fine. On the way out my wife asked me were I was walking to. I explained I wanted to see how far down I could read the registration plates of the cars. I was amazed how far I could see at this early stage. On the way home I did start to experience pain. Not a real sore pain but a constant mild pain that was annoying. I had been given drops for this for the first four hours. I think if my eyes had of watered they would of been fine. The pain went after two hours. I had a sleep which they tell you to do. On wakening up I switched on the TV and was able to read the teletext! You read other peoples reports complaining about the eye guards at night I was given post op eye shield type goggles which are comfortable to wear at night. They also tell you about bringing sunglasses to wear for the way home. I was also given sunglasses in my pack of goodies! Didn't wear these as they were the type you see Americans wearing on holiday. You know the ones that are advertised on shopping channels!! I made the mistake by watching the op on youtube. If you do this it's the old procedure you will watch. My fear was that everything would not go to plan. I also suffered dry eyes and tired eyes before the op wearing contact lenses. I could wear these while inside without using blink. I did have concerns this would happen after the op. A week has gone by and my eyes are fine. I've not needed the artificial tears that are in the pack. What does it feel like? Like a new pair of glasses! I wake up in the morning looking for my glasses asking my wife had she seen them then realising that I don't wear them anymore. My check up the next day after the op I was told I had better than 20/20 which should continue to improve over the next month. Night driving no problem. If you’re considering the op think of this. You pay for what you get. Research who is carrying out your surgery. Remember you have only two eyes look after them. If your from Northern Ireland we are lucky as we have Allclear (remember their work in the Mater). My concern now is the stories that the flap doesn’t heal. Would I have it done again yes, Hope not to though as it was 4k! Good luck

01 Nov 2007

You are right to be concerned about night vision after surgery. I had my eyes done at the Derby clinic about 4 years ago. My prescription was _9 in the left eye and -11 in the right one. My eyesight is now -0.75 in the right one and -0.50 in the left one. I am however really worried about how poor my eyes go at night. I couldn't think about watching TV without my glasses and to drive at night without them would be suicide. In saying that, it was the best £3000 I have ever spent.

12 May 2007

I had a great experience at the Allclear Clinic in Belfast. Gerry Kervick operated on my eyes and took me from -8.5/-9 to having 6/5 vision. All the staff that I met were friendly and polite, my questions were answered, and I felt at all times that I was being well looked after. It cost me a lot of money, but my eyes were so bad to begin with that I was only comfortable going to a professional set-up where they would not go ahead with anything that had a high risk just to get the money out of me. I have recommended the clinic to several of my friends.

21 Sep 2004

I have had my initial consultation at the Cambridge clinic. My consultant took me through the procedure and answered all my questions. I left feeling extremely confident in my consultant and with my decision to go ahead with the treatment. My treatment is in October.

16 Mar 2003
No Rating

Has anyone used Allclear clinics? I have had an initial consultation at the Derby one, but didn't see the consultant I was expecting to. I have booked another appointment as I am still unsure about possible problems with night vision due to large pupils. My prescription is -5 in right and -5.5 in left.

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