Cataract ablation: my poetry salvation

When you’re dealing with cataract surgery, it’s hard to come across things that make your heart melt. So, when we came across the story of 83 year old Ken Rose, a retired grandad of seven, who was so delighted with the outcome of his cataract surgery he penned a poem describing the positive results, our hearts just about turned to goo.

Ken’s passion for poetry had taken a backseat after his vision was impaired by cataracts, which made his eyesight misty and caused problems reading and writing. However, his diminished desire to practice his life-long passion was soon cast away after successful cataract surgery.

His poem describes the improvement of his eyesight with vivid description, the joy is palpable and the surgery has clearly given Ken a new lease of life. His words paint the new world around him, detailing the nuance in vision he was previously missing.

Post-Cataract-Surgery!poem-old-man resize

With my new eyes
I can see the tracery
of distant trees against the sky;
the delicacy of detail I once missed,
however hard I looked beforesky resize

With my new eyes
I can see the shades
unfolding in that subtle sky;
the blues, the grays, and yes the greens,
that only artists saw

With my new eyes
I can see the clarity
of colour on the white (not yellowish) page,
the lines and lineaments of faces;
images not quite grasped
before.smiling resize

With my new eyes
I can see the kindness
and the good in faces on the street.
Have they changed, or perhaps it’s me
who hadn’t noticed this

The procedure, performed by Ophthalmic Surgeon Jayed Moyeadi at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre, was one of 1,000’s of routine cataract surgeries carried out across the UK every year.

Ken hopes that his poem, entitled ‘Post-Cataract-Surgery’ will encourage others to go ahead with the simple and painless surgery, saying: “It was over in 15 minutes and I was allowed to go home later that day.”

A third of people over 65 have cataracts which can be removed with a straightforward 45 minute procedure. Like Ken, many people don’t realise the extent to which their eyesight has deteriorated until they have visited an eye doctor. We suggest you take regular yearly visits to an eye doctor to prevent cataracts from badly affecting your vision.

You can read more about cataract surgery here.

This story was originally found at The Western Gazette

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