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Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe?

One Of The Safest And Most Frequently Performed Elective Procedures

There have been over a million cases of successful laser eye surgery around the world. You will need to take some important decisions yourself. You’ll also need to take a few precautionary measures to increase the chances of making the eye surgery a success.

  • You will have to choose a laser eye surgeon who has ample experience in carrying out the laser eye surgery and remember that an old surgeon need not necessarily be better.
  • If you can meet the expenses of a laser eye surgery, find an experienced laser eye surgeon (with whom you should have had consultation regarding the laser eye surgery risks), then you have more chances of success of laser eye surgery. While laser eye surgery is not the most dangerous of all surgeries, it is not fail-proof as well.
  • If you still feel that the positive impacts of a laser eye surgery outweigh the risks it involves, go for it.

Laser Eye Surgery Precautions

If you are thinking to have laser eye surgery done then make sure to ask your laser eye surgeon to:

  • Explain you the benefits of having the laser eye surgery over the traditional surgery.
  • Describe his experience in carrying out the laser eye surgery procedure that you are considering to have.

Additionally, consultation with anaesthesiologist in some cases is required because some laser surgical procedures are performed under general anaesthesia, and its risks should be fully discussed with the anaesthesiologist and the patient has to fully disclose the foods, beverages he/she is consuming and also the prescription medications that are being taken by him/her.

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